Diagnostic Facilities

“Thank you so much for all the fantastic care you gave”

Accurate diagnosis is essential to effective treatment. Our extensive diagnostic equipment is regularly updated to ensure a better service for our patients.

Xray (radiography) is particularly helpful in investigating lameness, and also in looking at the lungs. X-ray contrast studies involve the use of X-ray dyes that outline internal organs such as the intestines and bladder. Digital X-ray uses computers to enhance the image, and enables calculations to assist with surgical planning.


Ultrasound enables us to look at the structure of internal organs such as the liver and kidneys. It can also be used to guide the collection of samples from these organs, avoiding the need for invasive surgery. Ultrasound is used to assess heart function (“echocardiography”), and for pregnancy diagnosis.


Endoscopy involves the introduction of tiny cameras into internal cavities, such as the intestines and airways. It can be used to collect samples from these cavities, and to retrieve objects that have found their way in by accident!