About Us

Learn more about Hawthorne Lodge Vets, Banbury

At Hawthorne Lodge Veterinary Practice your pet’s welfare is our primary concern. We don’t believe in cutting corners to cut costs. We aim to provide best value, not low budget. Consider for example, the “standard” procedure of neutering. You might want to ask us the following questions:

  • Do you give pain-killers to every animal as standard? Will my pet have pain-killers to take home?
  • Will a qualified Vet Nurse be monitoring the anaesthetic?
  • Do you monitor blood pressure, oxygen levels, ECG trace, carbon dioxide levels and temperature continuously through the anaesthetic?
  • Do you use a warm air machine whilst the animal is under anaesthetic? Does the temperature continue to be monitored and maintained throughout the entire recovery period as well?
  • Do you provide three free of charge follow up appointments after the operation?
  • Does the price you have quoted include all this as standard?

At Hawthorne Lodge Vets the answer to all these questions is YES, because we want to provide the highest possible level of care for our patients. Would you want anything less?

Why Choose Hawthorne Lodge?

  • Our vets only treat domestic pets
  • Our staff all own pets themselves
  • We are an RCVS registered practice
  • We are an FAB registered “cat friendly” practice
  • We have free on site car parking
  • Our clients recommend us!
  • For your peace of mind we provide our own out of hours service
  • We continually re-invest in up to date equipment and staff training