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Because the requirements of cats are different from those of dogs, we have a nurse dedicated to ensuring the practice meets their needs.

Hawthorne Lodge has a separate cat area in the waiting room away from the eyes of nosy dogs. Clients are welcome to place cat baskets on the chairs or table provided, as cats feel safer off the floor. Blankets are available to cover your cat basket with, to make your cat feel even more secure.
Our separate cat ward has air conditioning to help keep our patients cool in summer and warm in winter. Each of our spacious cat beds has a hide-away to provide privacy. We also have a separate treatment room for cats.

In recognition of the level of care we provide cats, we have been officially designated as a “cat friendly” practice by International Cat Care – one of only two practices in Oxfordshire to achieve this accolade.


We have two dog wards – one for small dogs and one for large dogs. Both wards have air-conditioning to ensure our patients are kept warm in winter and cool in summer – this is particularly critical for dogs who are very prone to overheating. Heat lamps add extra warmth when required, while dimmable lighting is used to provide low intensity light overnight or for convalescing patients.

For information on the care of dogs, and common illnesses, please see our advice section.

Diagnostic Facilities

Accurate diagnosis is essential to effective treatment. Our extensive diagnostic equipment is regularly updated to ensure a better service for our patients.

X-ray (radiography) is particularly helpful in investigating lameness, and also in looking at the lungs. X-ray contrast studies involve the use of X-ray dyes that outline internal organs such as the intestines and bladder. Digital X-ray uses computers to enhance the image, and enables calculations to assist with surgical planning.  X-rays are also important in the diagnosis and treatment of dental disease.

Ultrasound enables us to look at the structure of internal organs such as the liver and kidneys. It can also be used to guide the collection of samples from these organs, avoiding the need for invasive surgery. Ultrasound is used to assess heart function (“echocardiography”), and for pregnancy diagnosis.

Endoscopy involves the introduction of tiny cameras into internal cavities, such as the intestines and airways. It can be used to collect samples from these cavities, and to retrieve objects that have found their way in by accident!

Laboratory Equipment

We have a fully equipped laboratory to perform “in-house” testing of blood and urine samples, as well as samples collected from skin and internal organs and virus testing. The rapid processing of these samples helps start treatment sooner, which improves patient well-being, and can be life-saving.

For more complex tests we will sometimes back up our own results with the services of an external laboratory with recognised specialists, whose experience in interpreting unusual results is invaluable.

Surgical Equipment

At Hawthorne Lodge we believe constant re-investment in equipment is essential to provide the best possible patient care.

Our up-to-date facilities enable us to perform a range of surgical procedures, from routine neuterings to complex fracture repairs and abdominal surgery. We also have the facilities to carry out keyhole surgery.

We use the latest anaesthetic drugs and equipment. Multi-parameter anaesthetic monitoring machines, more commonly found in human hospitals, ensure maximum anaesthetic safety – while a “forced air” warming system keeps our patients snuggly warm during their operations, and speeds recovery from anaesthesia.

Our vets regularly attend refresher courses to ensure they are up to date with the latest surgical techniques.

For some procedures, we may suggest referral to a recognised specialist if we feel their extra skill and experience will benefit your pet.

Looking for our services?

Looking for our services?

From key hole surgery to vaccinations, we have your pet covered.