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Dermatology Referrals

Mark Craig provides a visiting skin referral service throughout the South of England and Wales and is at Hawthorne Lodge approximately every three weeks.

After graduating from Liverpool University, Mark spent five years in general practice, and then three years at the Royal Veterinary College as a dermatology resident. In 1993 Mark set up one of the first veterinary dermatology referral services in the UK.

Mark has lectured extensively on animal skin disease, has written over 200 articles for scientific journals and has contributed to many veterinary text books on dermatology. He is a registered advanced practitioner in veterinary dermatology.

Mark is particularly interested in allergic skin disease in cats and dogs, and the relationship between diet and skin disease. Further information can be found on the Re-Fur-All website.

Appointments to see Mark can be booked by calling our reception team on 01295 259446.

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