Terms Of Business

If any of the following details are unclear to you, please ask for clarification.


All fees, diets and drug charges are subject to V.A.T. at the current rate .Our fee charges are determined by the time spent on a case and for any drugs, materials, diets and consumables used. We can provide estimates on the probable costs of a course of treatment upon request. Please note that an estimate can only be approximate as often an animal’s illness will not follow a typical course. Most routine procedures e.g. Neutering, includes the cost of the post operative checks and removal of sutures, but does not include the cost of any drugs, dressings or consumables used. All repeat Consultations will be charged for unless otherwise specified.

Methods and Terms of Payment

Payment will be expected at the time of every consultation or procedure undertaken and when drugs or diet foods are collected. We accept Cash, Debit or Credit cards and can also take pre- payments over the telephone. In an exceptional circumstance we can delay a payment but this must be agreed with the Practice Principle or Practice Manager in advance of treatment. Should we have to send a statement out, we would expect payment before the end of that month, after which we would then send a reminder. If the account was not then settled we would then add a 5% surcharge fee in respect of administration costs incurred. Further costs will then be added in respect of collecting this debt, we reserve the right to use Debt Collection agencies where agreed payment plans have not been met. Please note that Debt Collection agencies will also put their own surcharges onto the outstanding account.

Pet Insurance

We strongly recommend pet insurance but due to the Financial Services Act we are unable to recommend a particular insurance policy. We do keep leaflets in the waiting room for several different policies so please ask at reception if you need help. Your insurance policy is an agreement between you and your insurance company, so it is your responsibility to settle your pet’s account and then claim from your insurance company. If your estimate for a procedure comes to over £400 and you are not in a situation to settle it please speak to the Practice Principle or Manager , when we may agree to claim direct from your insurance company. You will need to pay the policy excess at the time of treatment and supply us with a claim form. If for any reason a claim has not been settled with us within 8wks of us submitting the claim, we would then require you to settle the claim in full. Also we would require you to settle any outstanding amounts that are not covered by the insurance. Any claims for ongoing treatment will need to be paid for at the time of treatment and claimed back from your insurance company.

(PDSA) Pet Aid Registered Clients

Clients who are registered with PDSA are required to show their certificate on every visit to the surgery. A donation should also be paid towards the cost of treatment or procedure on every visit and the amount given will be entered on the signed form, which at the end of every month will be sent to the PDSA.

Charity Issued Vouchers

Clients who have a voucher from a registered charity should check that we will accept them before appointments or surgery is booked. The name and address on the voucher will need to be the same as on our own records. Any amount charged, for the treatment or procedure, over the cost of the voucher, will need to be paid for at the time.

Financial Hardship

If for any reason you find yourself with a lack of funds and an ill pet please speak to the Practice Manager or Head Receptionist to go through any options. Please remember if you are short of funds and have pets, try to sort out a plan of action for payment before treatment and don’t leave it until there is a problem.

Pre-payment Plans

If you don’t have pet insurance we do give you the option of a pre-payment plan. You can pay as little as a £1.00 a week so that your account is always in credit, you would then have the funds to spend on annual vaccinations or if your pet was ill or injured. You can either do this with a standing order straight from your bank account on a weekly or monthly basis, or pay by debit card over the telephone, or come in and pay cash. If paying by cash you will always be given a receipt- please keep these safe in case of any discrepancies. If it sounds as though a payment plan would suit you, please ask to speak to the Practice Manager or Head Receptionist